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             The Top Notch Gang (TNG) has terminated it's membership in the Connecticut Ski Council which is a member council of the National Ski Council Federation.         

We are a group of individuals and couples, age 50 and older, who enjoy skiing during winter and other sports during other seasons. We enjoy the challenge, excitement, scenery and the comradeship of our peers. We especially like the opportunity to meet new people and develop friendships that may go beyond the scheduled activities. When we are not skiing we enjoy socializing at periodic meetings, dinners, and parties through the year. Other activities include tennis, golf, canoe/kayak, bicycling, picnics and other special events of interest.


...if you're over 50 years young, you're lucky----You can join "The Top Notch Gang."
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NOTE: The next Board meeting is Tuesday February 2, 2016 at 1130am at the VFW in Westport,CT. Members are welcome.


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All TNG members should review the NON-USA SENIOR DRIVING RENTAL RESTRICTIONS  included in the LATE NEWS section.      

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